Michelle Weldy

Artwork Uploaded: 1580 Pieces

Country: United States (US)

Church Name: Creekside Ministries, Fishers, IN

Medium: Most live art is acrylic, also watercolor, oil, charcoal, colored pencil,...varies.

About Michelle Weldy

Drawing faces became my passion as a 5 year old, and nothing else kept my attention until 2013. That year marked the discovery of using art to worship God, and sharing the pictures he gives me with others. Art is my worship, prayer, and playground that I invite others to join in experiencing God's freedom. I travel to paint at conferences and live events, in healing rooms and encounter tents, most Sundays at my church (while singing at the top of my lungs, with music pounding my chest as I slap paint on my board), and alone in my studio with one-on-one devotional time with God. That private Holy Spirit time is important, to constantly refill so what I paint outside the studio comes from the overflow. Hearing others share what the image speaks to them is a huge affirmation! Look. Enjoy.