Leland Barlow

Artwork Uploaded: 96 Pieces

Country: United States (US)

Church Name: Bethel Redding

Medium: Acrylic

About Leland Barlow

all.He would give me visions sometimes during the day,sometimes at night in my dreams or just spending time praising and giving thanks.One day I was at this church I started to attend and I saw artist on stage during worship and they were painting.I leaned in to what it was they were doing because something inside of me was stirring wanting to get out. God was giving-them visions that He wanted them to release into the atmosphere for others to see.I thought to my self is this what I should be doing with these visions I’m getting from God?So I asked Him.”God should I be painting these visions you’ve been giving me?””If so send me a sign!”So sure enough the next day in the mail I got a mega coupon from Michael’s art supplies.I thought to myself I can do this and went for it.So I went to the store got all my supplies and went from there to asking to be part of the stage painting team’s.It has been such an amazing journey not only to see how exponentially my painting have improved in two years,but to be witness to how God has used the arts to actually bring blessings and healing to others just by my wanting to be in this loving relationship with Him. Leland BArlow