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“To the Artist of 20116 “

a love letter from your Heavenly Father

by Kara Hochstedler

Guest editor for Prophetic Creations


Dear Artist, you are mine.

From the moment I formed you, strong, deep inside, I knew what you had to bring to the earth. I planned 

it in detail and in vibrant color. I sat and thought about how the world could change and move and flow 

around you as I chose your space upon the earth, your time to inhabit. Woven intricately inside of you, I 

put understanding and kindness, wisdom and delight, and gave them roots to hold onto the deep ground 

of your heart. With care I moved people to hold and uplift you, and life treasure to be discovered. I’ve 

given you a space in this world and a voice. It is not about the many it reaches, but the one I have given 

to hear.


You are a key in my hand to the unseen by the eyes of man door, and you, I treasure. Every inlay 

of your being was place specific, and every moment of your breathing I am near, regardless of 

circumstance, neediness, or thought life. I am here. There is no place unexperienced I will not go with 

you, and as experience goes, yeah, I was there too. This year I am unfolding inside of you, outward, a 

pathway knit in love that will serve as a conduit for connection in the world. It will go beyond the lines, 

deeper than envisioned by others, and surprisingly welcomed by many. You will know it by the peace 

covering it, laboring through it, pushing against the hastily drawn judgement lines obscuring the view. 

Arching through walls made up of mashed singular lines, it will continue forward regardless of differences. 

I have given you a name, and Artist, you are mine.


No matter how you might feel, or how many thoughts  may crowd your brain, Artist, you are mine to hold. I am covering you and guiding you, and carefully freeing the world around you. Love is here. I’m not alarmed or afraid. We’ve got this. Let’s go.

-Your Heavenly Father


A little bit about the Writer: 

Kara was born in Kansas and grew up in Ohio, where she currently resides.  She is an energetic free spirit.  She  sees beauty everywhere she goes and takes great delight in the simple treasures of life. She enjoys many types of creative expression, painting, sketching, photography and especially writing.  She attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for three years and greatly enjoys building others up.  Her fresh and creative perspective on life, is inspiring and thought provoking.