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Healing Testimony: Shoulder pain gone!

A woman from France had tendinitis in her right shoulder for one year. When she moved her arm it would hurt. Sometimes it would also be in pain when her arm was stationary. The pain would wake her up at night. She received prayer and the pain lowered from 5-6 to 1-2. After they prayed, the prayer servant encouraged her to continue focusing on the presence of God instead of the pain. She did that and then went to go get a coffee. She started looking at the artwork in the lobby. She looked at a painting called “The voice of God” painted by Angie Rypma and started weeping. She also looked at a painting called “Rapha” and started crying again. When she went to buy a copy of Angie’s painting, she realized that all her shoulder pain was gone.

Financial Breakthrough: Jobs and more jobs!

It was in June 2015 when my wife and I were in a tight place, financially. She had spent the first several months of our marriage unemployed and I was doing the grunt work of a “rock wall builder” i.e. making cement, transporting cement, and stacking rock. Ryan and Audrey gave us a copy of his personal piece that featured and angel of “financial breakthrough.” I appreciated the beauty of the piece and so put it up on my fridge. Literally, within a week I was working a brand new job in general construction, It included a considerable pay raise, health care, and the opportunity to be paid while in training. I found myself surrounded by other like minded brothers in the Lord and all this at about half the effort exerted! 

Not long afterward my wife was hired as an education assistant at the prestigious Hawaii Preparatory Academy here, on the Big Island. Once she began working the following September for reasons that I am still unclear she took her class picture (that is, a picture that featured she, the head teacher, and her students) and placed it over the piece. Within a month her position just exploded business opportunity! This included offers for her to teach piano, tudor, and oversee after care! Not too mention, she also subs and makes an amount considerably more then what I make! Praise the Lord! 

Ryan Yarnell